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Feng Shui – Wind – Water. The basic principles of Feng Shui were used by Emperors and aristocrats of China around 3,000- 5,000 years ago. It is ancient Chinese belief, that the way you arrange your home and its contents bring you success in all areas of your life.

Family Dynasties would select auspicious grounds using feng shui to build their homes to bring wealth and health.

This practice was kept away from the normal communities.

Over centuries feng shui transformed and became knowledge to the general public.

Feng shui promotes harmony between ourselves and our environment.

The philosophy of feng shui is living in harmony with nature, and our chi is affected by our surroundings.

The practice of feng shui has evolved by applying the same principles to the home and garden

South,  (fire) – Feeds the earth, healthy crops grow, sun/Summer, active, Yang.

North,  (Water) – Mountain, Winter, dormant, In-active, Yin.

We can create balance by arranging our home to harmonise our environment and bring us more of what we want in life. This makes way for positive energies to flow, giving us a healthy space. This is because we are energetically connected to our homes and its contents.

Chi is a universal energy, which is best described as a balance of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are opposites, male and female, dark and light, reactive and active. Yin and yang work with the 5 element principles. These 5 element principles are the foundation of Feng Shui, known as water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

How your home or business is set out can say a lot about what energies are affecting the areas of your life.

Colours and lighting in our homes can affect us. If we look around our homes we can see yin and yang. Our bedrooms should be yin to help us relax and get a good nights rest. Use darker colours, blackout curtains and softer lighting. Whereas out living room should be more yang, to socialise use vibrant colours with lots of light. If a room or part of the house is too cold, warm it up with soft furnishings and colour. If a room is too dark, add light and mirrors.


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